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At first I was excited to visit this hotel. Because the first time I saw it, it looked like so much fun.

But after staying here this week, it was a terrible experience! When I finally got my room, I had to wait for their check in time or pay $30 extra dollars for early check in. The door would stick a little. But I was so tired from the way over I didn't ask for another room.

I figured, it's fine, I'll work with it. Also, the door doesn't have a deadbolt to lock it like other hotels. It has this weird door stop on the door similar to a chain for security. But it was a sort of latch, that was supposed to stop the door from opening all the way with a metal bar and ball at the end.

Which I didn't like, and made me uneasy. Then, housekeeping only came ONCE for the four nights of my stay! I've stayed at other hotels on the strip where they come almost everyday, or call to ask if you need anything. This hotel didn't offer that, which means I would have to call them, I suppose, if I needed towels or more toilet paper.

Then I had these people next door who were smoking weed with the door open. Which I felt I couldn't really do anything about since it's legal now, and I got a headache from it. But none of these things were the worst that happened to me during my stay. On the second to the last day, I decided to do a little souvenir shopping.

I went to the store in the Lobby, and was looking at some Christmas decorations. When a security guard came up to me and asked me for my ID. I asked why, and what the problem is, and he wouldn't tell me and kept demanding my ID. So I complied, but that wasn't the end of it.

He grilled me, asking me if I was a guest, when I checked in, when I was checking out, and even called on his walkie to ask who was staying in my room. He snapped a photo of my ID, which freaked me out! And so I kept asking him what was going on, until after all this harassing, he finally said, " Just a random ID check". And then left the store.

I felt violated, uneasy, and insulted, and asked the cashier if that was real security guard. Very dryly, she said yes, and repeated that it was a random ID check. I got the feeling that she called him because maybe I looked strange to her. Which I find may have been racial profiling, or just judging me cause I was wearing black?

So I was made to feel like a criminal for not even doing anything wrong! I was there to shop and buy gifts!

So I will NEVER stay at this hotel again!

Their rooms and customer service suck, and their security are jerks that target people who they assume are going to steal something because of their race, or the way they're dressed. I find it disgusting, and unprofessional of this hotel, and would not recommend them to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Treasure Island Hotel And Casino Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hate Las Vegas but thanks for the warning. If I turn into a black person I'll be sure to avoid the place (which will be easy because I haven't gone to LV in decades and have no desire to ever do it again) ... but I saw lots of black people even then and nobody griped about profiling.

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